Himette EP

by Makunouchi Bento

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This is our first EP, released by Eerik Inpuj Sound in 2001 in XM format (FastTracker module), and later as 192 kbps MP3. The old MP3 version is not available anymore, but the XM pack is:

A mix of Peen, Patchouli and Morninfizik (tracks actually written between Xmas 1999 and 2000) can be found on our first album, Himette [LP] as "Patchouliforme", and so is a different, slightly processed version of Mikrotori.

For this release, we remastered the original 4 tracks, and included a bonus track, also remastered: the remix of Morninfizik, featuring Hungarian 8-bit scene veteran Nagz. This remix, made in 2000, was previously released in March 2004 by the late netlabel Ogredung, and is still available thanks to Archive.org: archive.org/details/od066


[ Review ]

Ill and minimalistic japanese techno ambient from Romania? Man, that sounds creepy. But it's true. As a bonus to Mikrotori there are three more tracks, all chip/sine delicatessens. Prepare for constant clicking and don't forget to visit Waka X's homegroup Makunouchi Bento.
(Adam Zbiejczuk at Music.Massage)


released April 9, 2001

All tracks written, produced, mixed and mastered by Felix Petrescu and Valentin Toma, except:

Track 5, co-written/produced by Dávid Halmi (aka Nagz).

Artwork by Felix Petrescu.

Original photo by Răzvan Jigorea. [RIP]




Makunouchi Bento Romania

The Makunouchi Bento, or traditional japanese lunchbox, is a highly lacquered wooden box divided into quadrants, each of which contains different delicacies. It is also one of the most familiar images of Japan's domestic environment. Reading the box as both an object and a metaphor, Felix Petrescu (Waka X) and Valentin Toma (Qewza) founded this experimental / electronica project back in 2001. ... more

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Track Name: Mikrotori
Maybe I'm the afterglow...

[Tori Amos - Way Down]